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Twitter trend on topic: #AI 2018-03-14

source title score AI wave rolls through Microsoft s language translation technologies 1595 on 1206 on 395 NaN 372 How We Used AI in a Video That Tells the Story of AI 130 SXSW on 98 Jayson Sementilli: Could artificial intelligence take over this technology obsessed society? 57 GDPR Notification 26 Cracking Open the Black Box of AI with Cell Biology 15 Sarah, Culture and Leadership @ SklarWilton on 13 Susan Moore on 13 Microsoft reaches human parity in translating test set of news stories from Chinese to English 12 Infographic: A Beginner s Guide to Machine Learning Algorithms 11 Comparing Deep Learning Frameworks: A Rosetta Stone Approach 9 The Women Daily 7 Ywan van Loon on 7 Researchers create AI attacker to defeat AI malware defender 5 Samba fixed two critical vulnerabilities, update your version as soon as possible 5 Raoul Davis on 3 Gartner reaffirms Microsoft as a leader in Data Management Solutions for Analytics 2 How Automation and Artificial Intelligence Strips us of our Humanity 2 Can Artificial Intelligence Drive More Ethical Retail? 2 Ronald van Loon on 2