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Twitter trend on topic: #AI 2018-06-29

source title score NASA s Mars 2020 Mission To Be Launched In July 2020 528 Be part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0! 528 Artificial Intelligence Chipmaker Hailo Raises $12.5 Million 476 Formula 1 selects AWS as Official Cloud and Machine Learning Provider 251 50+ Examples of How Blockchains are Taking Over the World 158 Life is Swee 85 73 Mind-Blowing Implications of a Driverless Future 80 Yes, Google’s phone-calling AI is cool. But why does it exist? 80 Productivist due diligence Blockpulse 60 Data as the Fuel and Analytics as the Engine of the Digital Transform 55 Eric Topol on 50 Carles Dijous (AAlb) on 46 Science Channel on 41 Get Ready for These UX/UI Trends in 2018 16 NaN 14 NaN 13 Houston Workers Are Not Worried About Artificial Intelligence Taking Their Jobs 13 The role of data and AI in healthcare 10 16 Rules that Helped C-Suite Trust Analytics 7 Ronald van Loon on 5 Pros and cons of CRM software 4 Mel Hache on 3
None Nice article: 2 Guardian Social Care on 2 Cognizant on 2