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Twitter trend on topic: #AI 2018-07-31

source title score Karl Smith Experience Consultant, IoT3, CTO #Open #IoT with #Blockchain #AI and #BigData 1990 Artificial Intelligence can make healthcare more accessible, affordable 829
None Nice article: 254 Tamara McCleary on 153 Oracle on 140 22 Experts Predict How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact The Enterprise Workplace 105 Machine Intelligence & Augmented Finance Whitepaper Host Page 38 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning MapR 27
NaN NaN 22 IBM Power Systems deliver superior performance 20 3 Ways Health AI is Changing the Medical Field 19 Data Science Platform Market Report 2018 IT Tech Herald 16 AI in the Factory of the Future: The Ghost in the Machine 14 NaN 13 Decentralised AI marketplaces and digital transformation 12 Scientists Invented AI Made From DNA 8 Cognizant Deutschland IT Consulting, Business Process Services, Digital Transformation 8 Spotify And Metallica Using Big Data via Spotify 7 KICKICO security breach hackers stole over $7.7 million worth of KICK tokens 7 A new way to monitor vital signs (that can see through walls) 5 Dr. GP Pulipaka on 5 Dr. GP Pulipaka on 4 Underminer Exploit Kit spreading Bootkits and cryptocurrency miners 3 NaN 3 Machine Learning: In Plain English - DZone AI 3 IBM Power Systems deliver superior performance 3 AI Could Make Athletic Coaching More Affordable. Asgardia - The Space Nation 2 Charlot de Man on 2