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Twitter trend on topic: #AI 2018-09-16

source title score Contactless Payments 2.0 is here and it’s Decentralized-ely Innovative. Steemit 294 Here’s what AI means for the future of healthcare 217 Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data 111 Spiros Margaris on 85 Smart Shopping 83 Build Your Own Personal Robot Assistant 74 Sidera and AidCoin together: First ICO to donate percentage of raise to charity via AidCoin Irish Tech News 73 The workplaces of the future will be more human, not less 52 The Past, Present and Future of Social Media 32 Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year 23 Trial regulation released to improve health, medical big data management - Xinhua 22 In the next century, brain computer interfaces could be mainstream 21 How IoT Data Ecosystems Will Transform B2B Competition 20 The AI Industry Series: Top Healthcare AI Trends To Watch 19 The Top 30 Emerging Technologies (2018 2028) Sean Moffitt 19 Microsoft bolsters its AI portfolio with latest acquisition CRN 17 Toward the Jet Age of machine learning 16 Why Data Ownership Matters in the Age of AI 16 Building Online Communities Exploring Deep Learning 15 NCBI - WWW Error Blocked Diagnostic 14 jamesvgingerich on 13 Top 4 Steps for Data Preprocessing in Machine Learning 12 Tech Mahindra, GCAS launch AI challenge to combat climate change 8 Smart Money: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Wealth Management 3 Ethics and the Pursuit of AI 3 7 Insider Tips to Get More Traffic From Search Engines 2