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Twitter trend on topic: artificial intelligence 2018-02-05

source title score The Artificial Intelligence revolution - YouTube 428 Michio Kaku: Could We Transport Our Consciousness Into Robots? 125 WIRED auf Twitter: “AI can be a boon for the human race. But there s also reason for caution. This is the WIRED Guide to artificial intelligence 108 Artificial Intelligence 3.0 Third Wave of AI 93 3Q: Daron Acemoglu on technology and the future of work MIT News 17 Artificial Intelligence: The Complete Guide WIRED 15 Ink in the Internet Start Thinking! 12 17 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses To Standout in The Future JA Directives 9 How Amazon Rebuilt Itself Around Artificial Intelligence WIRED 6 China’s Nuclear Submarines To Get Artificial Intelligence Systems To Assist Commanders 5 Continental and NVIDIA Partner to Enable Worldwide Production of Artificial Intelligence for 5 Artificial General Intelligence The Holy Grail of AI - Data Science Central 4 Dustin P. Walsh auf Twitter: “At @deteconomicclub, @SenGaryPeters raises interesting theory about Michigan winning self-driving car race. The epicenter for autonomous vehicles has a strong change of becoming THE hub for artificial intelligence. Can Detroit/Michigan be the center for all things AI? 4 Marissa auf Twitter: “Artficial intelligence group survey #vvccis101 #AIgurusVVC 4 Artificial Intelligence and its oppurtunities Lakshmi Narayanan - YouTube 3 To Advance Artificial Intelligence, Reverse-Engineer the Brain WIRED 3 Artificial Intelligence And Climate Change Will Ruin Us, But Blockchain And Women Will Save Us - BI Insight - Business Intelligence 2 How Amazon Rebuilt Itself Around Artificial Intelligence WIRED 2 ZF Group auf Twitter: “#DesignThinking, #wol, Artificial Intelligence: At Inspiration World in Shanghai, internal and external speakers informed #ZF employees about digital trends and innovation. #digitalization 2 Sanketh D Hegde auf Twitter: “Q: Who is the “Father of Artificial Intelligence” ? A: @INCIndia .They discovered that the EVMs have Intelligence to suddenly behave “tampered” when @BJP4India wins a poll, and change to “tested OK, perfectly alright” mode when themselves win! #EVM #RajasthanByPolls #Congress 2 Naor Tal auf Twitter: “Artificial intelligence, #machinelearning, embedded #analytics and more - find out what’s trending in the world of analytics with these four articles 2