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source title score NBC News auf Twitter: “Data from both the NOAA and NASA show that the five warmest years on record have all occurred since 2010. Scientists say global warming is attributable largely to the burning of fossil fuels. Read more at @NBCNewsMACH: 186 El boom del data science, un fraude? Charles Milander 103 NASA Goddard auf Twitter: “A sounding rocket launched from the Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska Jan. 19, carrying a mission to measure diffuse X-rays from the local galactic neighborhood. The flight was a success, and data is being reviewed by the science team. 79 Free eBook: Applied Data Science (Columbia University) - Data Science Central 78 Image - - 27 How Python rose to the top of the data science world - Computer Business Review 18 TECH-Levers: Of MOOCs, Data Science, and me … 9 Citizen scientists comb through data from distant stars, discover five planets Science AAAS 5 Three Things About Data Science You Won’t Find In the Books - Data Science Central 3 Imposter Syndrome in Data Science Caitlin Hudon 3 The biggest headache in machine learning? Cleaning dirty data off the spreadsheets - The Verge 3 Data Science SALON auf Twitter: “Can’t wait to see our Key Note Speakers: @iamtanalytics Principal Data Scientist & Kevin ManChon Head of Data Science @CarnivalCruise & Moody Hadi Founder and CEO @LoveKairos at #DataSciSalon Miami Feb 8-9 #DataScience 3 Tren Griffin auf Twitter: “Every business ever created has had a cost to acquire customers, a cost to serve them, revenue per customer and customers who leave. What is new is: businesses can now use modern data science to provide customers with more individually customized value than ever before. 2 Introduction to Data Science in Python Coursera 2 Apple has hired tech team from data science startup SVDS TechCrunch 2 A Crash Course in Data Science Coursera 2 Real-time Water Data - Province of British Columbia 2