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Twitter trend on topic: data science 2018-01-27

source title score Alok Gupta Director Of Data Science At Airbnb Joins Dencity Advisory Board - 481 Alok Gupta, Director Of Data Science at Airbnb, Joins DenCity Advisory Board - EXCLUSIVE CRYPTOCURENCY INVESTMENT GUIDE 174 When Is Haskell More Useful Than R Or Python In Data Science? 45 ben goldacre, MBE LOL auf Twitter: “Great to see this strong call for an open citations database. This was one of many challenges to our RetractoBot project at @EBMDataLab. It is absurd that citations data is still proprietary, in 2018. Science needs open resources. 42 HarvardKennedySchool auf Twitter: “Sheila Jasanoff has written more than 15 books about the role of science and technology in the law, politics, and policy of modern democracies. This year, she was awarded the Reimar-L st Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 19 Written evidence - Universities of Kent, Southampton, Sheffield, Westminster and Nottingham 17 DataCamp auf Twitter: “In this tutorial by @eliasdabbas, data science meets Search Engine Marketing: learn to create Google AdWords campaigns by generating keywords and ad templates with #Python! 10 Osteoporosis NL auf Twitter: “Practical considerations for obtaining high quality quantitative computed tomography data of the skeletal system. Karen L Troy et al. Bone 12 Jan 2018 9 Olivier Wulveryck auf Twitter: ““We’ve created a field called “data-science” but there is no science in it. We have not demanded evidence. Science needs to be tested and testable. We need to test every assumption, we just haven’t done that. We’ve just been driving blind on our model-T algorithm” @mathbabedotorg 8 Review of Machine Learning A-Z : Hands-On Python & R In Data Science JA Directives 6 Amateur search for dead spy satellite turns up undead NASA mission Ars Technica 3 When Is Haskell More Useful Than R Or Python In Data Science? 3 Data Science in real life: Women s Health 2 Software Analytics and its Impact on Industry 2