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Twitter trend on topic: data science 2018-02-16

source title score Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress 104 Kirk Borne on 101 Meet the data thugs out to expose shoddy and questionable research 93 50 external machine learning / data science resources and articles 75
None Nice article: 46 24 Data Science, R, Python, Excel, and Machine Learning Cheat Sheets 41 Data Science Competition 2018 Bank of England 31 Data Science da ingegnerizzare 26 Boogie2988 on 22 An introduction to data science, Part 1: Data, structure, and the data science pipeline 10 caerbannog666 on 5 NaN 4 DataScience: Elevate San Francisco 3 Data Science: The Lifeblood of the Digital Economy 3 How Data Science and Open Science are Transforming Research Ethics: Edward Freeland at CITP 2 Current vacancies 2