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Twitter trend on topic: data science 2018-02-24

source title score A Complete Tutorial to Learn Data Science with Python from Scratch 75 5 Things You Need To Know About Data Science 48 Alteryx on 45 12 Python Resources for Data Science 36 The Key to Ultimate Productivity in Data Science Teams - Agile Data Analysis icrunchdata 32 rOpenSci on 22 Rep. Betty McCollum on 19 60+ Free Books on Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Python, R, and more 10 Big Data Science: Expectations vs. Reality 8 Bill Schmarzo s Top 2017 Big Data, Data Science and IOT Blogs 4 OVER THE HORIZON on 4 Data Science and Its Applications 4 Alex Companioni on 3 Vectors on 3 Register yourself for Global Data Science Conference in Santa Clara GlobalBigDataConference 3 NaN 3 Data Enrichment is not just about improving data quality 3
NaN NaN 3 arXiv - Large-Scale Evolution of Image Classifiers Deep_In_Depth: Deep Learning, ML & DS 2 Banking regulators reluctant to act on ‘hyped’ fintech 2 Nigel Gardner on 2 Cracking Google on 2 Joel Grus on 2