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source title score Programming Languages for Data Science and ML - With Source Code Illustrations 154
NaN NaN 77 Data Science: The Lifeblood of the Digital Economy 32 Machine Learning: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science 26 [eBook] Solving 4 Big Problems in Data Science 9 Data Science Primer: Basic Concepts for Beginners 8 Data Science vs. Data Analysis: What’s the Difference? - DZone Big Data 8 How Data Science Can Take Your Company to the Next Level 7 Juan on 3
None Nice article: 3 CMU Dietrich College on 2 Shannon Danzy on 2 Luis Farzati on 2 R-Ladies Ames on 2 Conferencia Women in Data Science - WTM - D a Internacional de la Mujer 2 Analytics, data science RSO dreams big 2 Data Science Is The Key To Marketing ROI - Here’s How To Nail It 2